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As most residents have, you can trust Limo Philadelphia for all your luxury transportation needs! All it takes is a simple search to understand that Limo Philadelphia is the only company to rent from. When it comes to the residents of Philly, we're a service that has been tried and true for years upon years. That's why we're skilled professionals in the art of limousines and limo buses! Please do yourself a favor, and give us a call the next time you need transportation for a group of people. You'll see we pull through on our end regarding our promises of great customer service!

Look at our fleet and figure out which vehicle you like best. It may be hard, seeing as how they all uphold the same standard of posh luxury. All of our vehicles are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. They come equipped with amazing features, and they're safe. You get the best in all categories when you rent with Limo Philadelphia!

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We stand out for our reliability and attentive service to the clients.


Our vehicles stand out for exceeding customer expectations.

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A short call to our booking agent will leave you with a limousine or limo bus rental to make your dreams come true. When our professional chauffeur pulls up in our glistening vehicle, you'll know your night will get much better. Don't worry about setting an itinerary, as our drivers come equipped with a GPS to get you where you need to be, and they know all of the best hotspots. Better yet, our drivers will get you there safely, considering all of their licensing and endorsements. You will only find better drivers here.

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That's something all of our customers like to find! It's easy to get the lowest rate. Avoid our high demand and consequently higher priced periods. This includes weekends, holidays, and early spring until late summer, usually wedding and prom season. Another great way to make the costs as low as possible is to split expenses between passengers. Now you can ride around town in style, comfort, and economical fashion!

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