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That's something all of our customers like to find! It's easy to get the lowest rate. Avoid our high demand, and consequently higher priced, periods of time. This includes weekends, holidays, as well as early spring until late summer which is usually wedding and prom season. Another great way to make the costs as low as possible is to split the cost between passengers. Now you know how to ride around town in style, comfort, and economical fashion!

Limo Philadelphia
Limousines and Party Bus Rentals
For Philadelphia, PA
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P: (215) 650-7554


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We have all the experience and skill needed to make every customer happy. Our vehicles have a quality that can't be beat!

You can rent your vehicle for whatever time your heart desires! We don't have a closing time.

Of course. Our vehicles come insured, and they have a certified mechanic looking after them.

Not at all. The tip is up to you!

Unfortunately, we have a no smoking policy. Thank you for not smoking!

Since our vehicles don't have bathrooms, you can ask our driver to stop whenever you need to use the restroom.

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